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Welcome to the TFL listed fanlisting for my main wishlister, the great series by amazing Terry Pratchett, Discworld! If you're a fan of this funny, clever and interesting book series, please consider joining and adding yourself to the list.
Discworld appeared in my life 18 years ago, when I was most insecure and afraid of world and people. When I read Hogfather, one of the middle books of the series, I immediately felt better, uplifted by the clever humor of the novel and started to fangirl over main characters so hard that it was almost unhealthy ;) The next books from the series were read in short time of 1 year, not neccessary in order ^^ It became my top favorite, most beloved, most cherished book series I have ever read and knew. Discworld is everything. Just... everything. If you are fan of these books, I already like you and would be huggling.

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