"If the face says nothing, listen to the heartbeat.”"

TFL listed fanlisting for my favorite character from The Untamed, Lan Wangji. If you're a fan of this inspiring character, please consider joining and adding yourself to the list.

Also known as Hanguang Jun, or the Light Bearing Lord, he is the second young master of Lan sect and one of the Twin Jades of Lan. He is the younger brother of Lan Xichen and the second son of Qingheng-Jun (In the original novel, he gets heavily injured when Wen Xu of Qishan Wen Sect burns down The Cloud Recesses and then succumbs to death. However, in the drama, he is already dead) and Madam Lan (dies of an unknown illness when Lan Wangji was six years old). He wields the Bichen sword and the Wangji guqin. He is cold, strict, distant, and difficult to get along with, but has a good heart and a strong sense of justice. He holds a soft spot for his twin flame, Wei Wuxian, whom he regards as his soulmate. In the original novel, he and Wei Wuxian are lovers involved in a same-sex romantic relationship.

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