Dark Fae Court

follow me...
into the woods of hidden lights
into the grove of dark fairytales
of slavery and enchanted gardens

follow me...
into the dark wells
into the houses under the roots
where every chant becomes a scream

Hey. My name is Lorian. I also go by Mal name in some communities. I am trans masc person, rooted in slavic tradition. Pagan, slavic witch, a dark fae at heart.

we are jewels in the crown of midnight, dark obsidian tears, made of moonlight and blood rippling on sorrows’ surface, disturbing the night’s slumber
we are torn skin of the faint young sun, black fires burning on the forgotten hills, children of the opalescent haze and moondust touching the mortality with madness; ruling over abandoned circles and shadowed mazes
we are the last kiss from the goddess, blinding the nature with our brilliance, coating its heart with a stellar honey

I am a poet, dark fantasy writer and passionate about dark themes, night, folklore and things painted crimson.

I write a grimdark book called "A Taste of Mortality". If you stumble on it, good! But I won't give link, as it's very vicious. No, I will give the link, but please go with caution.

I am a fan of black, doom and power metal, as welland nordic and slavic folk. I love Myrkur, Darkher and Chelsea Wolf. My favorite bands are Cradle of Filth and My Dying Bride.
I don't participate in fandoms, but I do love dark and grim books. I write reviews on polish book portal. I really read a lot.

Find me a human to put an enchantment on, to bury it deep into their heart and spread the rose thorns in their veins.
Indulge me with a mortal creature to enrapture; bewitch with magic so dark, that blinds the eyes of darkest night.
Allow me to spread my spell around their life, to drain them from blood and hope.
We are the fairies of the black side of the moon; predators seeking for a willing prey - hunters for tears; sweet and beguiling.
Their foolish steps take them closer and closer to us, like a small souls trapped in the spiderwebs.

We hanged the lanterns in dark woods, do you see them? We hanged the lights, to take you home...