A warrior and a bard.

Welcome to TFL listed fanlisting for my all time favorite, loved through many years and admired TV show, which shaped me a lot and gave me courage to move on, XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. If you're a fan of this fun and milestone show, please consider joining and adding yourself to the list.

Xena: Warrior Princess is is one of the things that made me who I am now, gave courage, strength and self-confidence in my teenage years as well as expanded my love for ancient times and adventure films. Xena was my company when I had no friends, saved many times my ill moods and amused me when I needed it... I love Xena and Gabrielle and they are like my soulmates... and you know what they say, soulmate is till one dies or even beyond. This show is simply everything.

Part of COUPLED // Xena/Gabrielle

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